Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Reverend Red

Photos and Review by: Christine Larranaga

     Thursday night at the Hi Dive and I’m here to see Americana/Punk/Rockabilly band Reverend Red. It’s hard to summarize their music into one category as they have a compelling and unique sound. This is there second time at the Hi Dive, first time they were here was for the UMS. 
     The line up was a mix of rockabilly bands but one that stood out the most is Duane Mark. He’s a cross between Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings, which in my book is a high compliment. He has a sound that is not quite country mixed with the ballads that rockabilly is known for. His music compliments the sound that Reverend Red has, bringing a fresh sound to the Hi Dive. 
     Reverend Red takes the stage in an uproar and a bit of a whiskey haze. They defiantly have a different sound with a guitar, upright bass, and drums, it takes you by surprise by how big they sound and how reverent their music is. Reverend Red is headed by front man Marshall Dymowski, who says he isn’t a good front man, but really he makes the show. He is a showman, funny, serious and entertaining the way he talks about how he tends to be hard on guitars and isn’t allowed to play Duane Mark’s Fender a lot because he destroys them. His being hard on guitars is what really drives this bands all around sound. From their hard hitting ballads about death to happier tunes about love, they center themselves around one thing, making great music.
     Reverend Red is a wonderful addition to American music, something that has been a bit lacking recently. Their sound is sure to be influential for other bands because they are so unique. Jack White should take a note from them that while playing from your heart and soul is a big part of it, you just have to have that drive and passion for it as well, which unfortunately for a man who brought this sound back to the fore front of music in America he has greatly been lacking of late. Reverend Red is one band I think everyone should try to catch in the New Year.

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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words! Looking forward to seeing Denver again real soon...

    Hate me later, Friends & Enemies!